Cheese Biscuits

Cheese Biscuits

Our Cheese Biscuits are packed with cheesy goodness and bursting with flavor. Stock up today!

Buttery Cheese Biscuits

Our seriously snackable Cheese Biscuits are quality you can taste. We believe in using real, premium ingredients – especially butter! Each biscuit bursts with buttery, cheesy goodness and is baked to crispy perfection. Experience the taste of French Comté cheese, Italian Parmesan, or both with our variety pack. Our cheese crackers are great with a soup or salad, on your charcuterie board, at happy hour and as part of a delicious gift basket. They even come perfectly portioned so you can enjoy a cheese cracker snack on-the-go. Bon appétit!

We offer our packs in different options for your snacking pleasure:

Parmesan with mustard seeds

Comté with black pepper

Variety pack

Sweet & savory bundle

Discover your favorite flavor (or two!) in our e-Bakery today and get free shipping on orders over $30.

We Take Snacking Seriously

As the Troublemakers of Taste, we like to shake things up with our cheese cracker snacks and sweet treats – but how? Is it by using an exclusive ingredient? Do we use a new cooking method? Non! It all bakes down to the revolutionary idea of using real ingredients that you can pronounce. No artificial flavors or GMOs – just simple ingredients that are packed full of flavor.

Butter makes our hearts happy, and you feel the same way too. Take a bite out of our Cheese Biscuits for a savory treat, or try our Cookie Squares for something sweet!

Spread the love with our butter-loving bundles and give them as gifts to your friends and family – or as a gift to yourself!