Cookie Squares

Cookie Squares

Bring the pâtisserie to your home with Michel & Augustin Cookie Squares.

Ooh la la! Delicious Cookie Squares

Bring the pâtisserie to your home with these tasty, individually wrapped shortbread cookies. Our cookies are made in France with pure butter and other real ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen. Absolutely no GMOs or artificial ingredients. Why? Because we believe butter is better. Absolument!

Michel & Augustin Cookie Squares have a buttery shortbread on the outside and chocolate ganache in the center – the perfect afternoon treat or midnight snack! Treat yourself to one of these perfectly portioned cookies today and find out why we’re called the Troublemakers of Taste.

Don’t take our word for it!

"OMG! These cookies are incredible! Very crunchy, very low in sugar and not too sweet. Individually packaged. Great for the kids’ lunch box. My kids love it! Just the perfect amount for my sweet cravings." – Carla

"I've found my happy place! Possibly the most perfect cookie ever formulated." – Joanna O.

“These are small (therefore guilt-free) pieces of happiness I pop in. Great for gifting as well, especially because they're individually wrapped and have a premium look to them.” – Neha

“These have saved my diet. The super low added sugar makes them a perfect treat! Thank you!” – nbailey

Individually Wrapped Cookies Delivered Fresh!

At Michel & Augustin, we’re on a mission to bring the indulgent flavors of French pâtisserie straight to your home. We love the fun concept of American snacking but hate all the hard-to-pronounce ingredients that go into them. This is why we use simple ingredients and just the right amount of sugar so that our Cookie Squares taste fresh and have delicious flavor.

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You can enjoy Michel & Augustin Cookie Squares in three tasty flavors: Dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt, Milk chocolate and melty caramel and Chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. Treat yourself to one flavor or all three if you can’t choose – and don’t forget to try our buttery Cheese Biscuits, too!

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