The best of French pastry – in snackable format!

Cookie Squares

Premium shortbread squares made with pure butter and flooded with chocolate ganache. Michel & Augustin cookies are made in France with ingredients you could find in your kitchen. Order cookies online now, oui oui!

Cheese Biscuits

These irresistibly crispy crackers are positively exploding with flavor, made with pure butter and with real cheese baked right in.

Butter-Loving Bundles

We’ve curated these bundles to meet all your buttery cravings!


Welcome to our e-Bakery where you can order cookies online! And yes, this is our nickname in France: les trublions du goût. We’re known for shaking things up a bit in the cookie aisle. You see, back in 2004, Michel and Augustin said au revoir to their business suits and set out on a mission in Paris: to make the best cookies they'd ever tasted using simple, quality ingredients. They gathered a bunch of like-minded troublemakers (that’s us!) and whipped up a bunch of delicious recipes – and planted their flag stateside in 2015. Here we are. And we’re spreading our love of butter to everyone in our path. Join us!

Our favorites

Enjoy Cookie Squares and Cheese Biscuits to your heart’s content. Order cookies online today!

Absolutely the best cookies I have ever eaten! The shortbread is baked to PERFECTION! The chocolate is creamy and delicious. They are all my favorite.

Allie A.

"They are just amazing. The butter shortbread and chocolate are sweet and buttery in just the right balance! Highly recommend."

Tanya C.

"OMG! These cookies are incredible! Very crunchy, very low in sugar and not too sweet. Individually packaged. Great for the kid's lunch box. My kids love it! Just the perfect amount for my sweet cravings."


"I've found my happy place! Possibly the most perfect cookie ever formulated."

Joanna O.

These are small (therefore guilt-free) pieces of happiness I pop in. Great for gifting as well, especially because they're individually wrapped and have a premium look to them.


Packaged well for freshness. Delicious and hard to eat just one! If I want a sweet little treat or have that afternoon sugar craving, this is my go to!

D. Lowenstein

"Love. Love. Love these cookies! These are high quality and indulging. The shortbread is crispy and melt in your mouth delicious. These are my go to cookies when gifting...or heck, gift to yourself. You deserve a treat!"

Angel C.


Looking for exquisitely delicious treats? As the Troublemakers of Taste, we believe you shouldn’t have to go to France or even a fancy pâtisserie to eat delicious, buttery baked goods. Get our French chocolate Cookie Squares and Cheese Biscuits sent right to your doorstep – all within 3-5 business days when you order cookies online. We deliver Michel & Augustin cookies anywhere in the United States. And shipping is free for purchases over $30!

Michel & Augustin Cookie Squares and Cheese Biscuits are baked with amour in France.

We make snacks based on traditional French pastry recipes that you can take with you wherever you go. Our not-so-secret ingredient? Butter!

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