Friends for life, Michel and Augustin said au revoir to their business suits in 2004 to chase their dream of making the tastiest, most fun treats imaginable. It all began in a small kitchen in the 18th arrondissement of Paris… Just two middle school friends, an oven, and a banana tree. With hard work, lots of baking, a “never say never” spirit and a loyal tribe, news of their entrepreneurial adventure spread far and wide. 24 countries, 2 Banana Farms, 15 years and millions of satisfied sweet teeth later, the spirit of the adventure remains unchanged…


Trublion means “troublemaker” in French. Michel and Augustin are the original Troublemakers of Taste, but we are ALL lovers of mischief, in the cookie aisle and well beyond.


Michel and Augustin were inspired by their love of pastry to change their lives completely. And the Tribe carries the pastry torch forward. We actually have a not-so-secret dream: for every trublion to get pastry-certified (hold a French pastry certificate, or “CAP Pâtissier”). There are few reasons for this:
So every member of the tribe can help concoct the tastiest recipes ever – to test in our kitchen and one day bake for everyone.
We believe that learning manual trades is important. Doing things with your own two hands is so exciting and invigorating! Pastry-making is our collective fave.
In the U.S., French pastry is seen as inaccessible, high-brow, intimidating. Fact is: if we can do it, so can EVERYONE. It’s a powerful thing to realize! (Yes, even you. Check out our cookbook!)


On the first Thursday of every month, we open the doors of the Banana Farm to the world from from 7 to 8:15pm.


To have some old friends over and meet new ones!
To sample our cookies – hoping you fall in love ♥ and spread the word
To share our upcoming top-secret recipes – and hear what you think
To show you that pastry is not so hard after all! We might do a baking demo or class – every month is different!
Oh – and it’s free, of course! You are our guest. During quarantine, join us on IG Live!