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Our Adventure

From Voila to OMG!

The origin story of our adventure? It officially began in 2004 in Paris. Michel and Augustin, two pals from middle school, decided to say au revoir to their business suits and pursue their passion for pastry together!

Michel and Augustin’s first-ever recipe: little shortbread cookies made with butter, sugar, eggs, flour and a pinch of salt. What could be easier? Famous last words… The simpler the ingredient list, the harder it can be to get just the right balance of texture, color and flavor. They found their baking groove – 300 trials later! (Michel was counting.)

The rest was history. The bakers peddled their cookies around town, making friends with shop owners who loved their energy and unorthodox way of doing things. “Michel et Augustin” was born. The first Banana Farm (ahem… office) was opened. And they brought on a bunch of like-minded, butter-loving troublemakers who could help them along the way. That’s us!

In 2015, we brought our Cookies Squares to the USA and opened Banana Farm #2. Turns out, our passion for butter and the pursuit of deliciousness translates très bien!

We Love Butter

There's really nothing that inspires us more than butter. In the USA, our goal is to bring together the best of American snacking and traditional French pastry – and none of that can happen without butter!   

On a philosophical level, butter is everything we aspire to be: The most delicious. A symbol of Frenchness. Silky smooth. Natural. REAL. A little mischievous. And indulgent in all the right ways!

Our dream as a team? To get really, really good at using butter in French pastry. Fun fact: in the French team, every troublemaker aims to get pastry-certified. While we don’t have a state pastry exam here in the USA, we incorporate baking into our lives. We host events around pastry, make videos about baking, and every new troublemaker bakes something upon arrival. We really believe that with patience, persistence, and lots of butter, ANYONE can bake!

the troublemakers of taste

Augustin and Michel created a reputation

as “the Troublemakers of Taste” across France – constantly shaking things up and thinking creatively to stand out! We all carry that spirit forward…

We work with ingredients you could find in your own kitchen at home. No additives, artificial sweeteners or dyes to see here! Our focus is on taste - and real ingredients are the only path towards deliciousness!

We are proud to be a certified B-Corporation. A truly people-first team, we’re as passionate about transparency and sustainability as we are about pastry – all while ensuring the highest level of freshness and quality.

Our US business? You're looking at it. We are a small but mighty team of female leaders pulling out all the stops to make sure that all of the US falls head over taste buds with our French pastry-inspired snacks.

Our packaging features the REAL humans who are working behind the scenes. That has been our trademark from the get-go! We always want to be real for the people who love our products and follow our adventure.

We love partnering with meaningful and fun community events in New York, as well as like-minded organizations across the US. Drop us a line if you are hosting an event or a fundraiser and you think you would be a good fit!

We love pastry. Baking has been a part of why this adventure began, and remains at the heart of what we do. And when a new troublemaker joins, they bake for the team to get their orange apron!


How do you pronounce “Michel et Augustin”?

Say it however you like! But if you want to try to say it with a French accent, it sounds like “Mee shell ay aw goose tan”. Give it a go!

Are your products Kosher?

Cookie Squares? Yes!

Croissant Chips? Working on it.

Do you have anything that is gluten-free?

Sadly, we don't have gluten-free options to delight those of you who cannot indulge. But if you drop us a line, we'll send you a recipe for our chocolate mousse (which they sell in France) which will knock your socks off and which does NOT contain gluten. 

Where can I find your products?

Well, first thing’s first: you can find everything here on our e-Bakery

If you are looking for other options, head to our Find us page

What is the Banana Farm?

Our office! Back story: there was a banana tree in Augustin’s kitchen in Paris where they baked for the first time. Michel brought it over for kicks (and because he was spending so much time at Augustin's place as they tried to get the recipe just right. He needed to water it!). The banana tree is a constant reminder of how it all began, and what it has grown into! So every office we’ve ever had was NOT an office… it's a "bananeraie"!

Where are your products made?

Our Cookie Squares are made near Toulouse, in the Southwest of France. Oui oui!

Our Croissant Chips are booooooooorn…. In the U-S-A!

Is Michel et Augustin a socially responsible company?

In September 2020, we received the exciting news that we are a certified B Corporation! Our social and environmental performance is being closely monitored to ensure that we are balancing purpose and profit in our everyday actions. Decisions about our staff, our customers, suppliers, community, and the environment all come into play! We are proud to have joined this group of inspiring companies. Read more about B Corporations here

How are your cookies packaged?

Our Cookie Squares come in 3 different formats: individually wrapped (available for purchase in a case of 180); 4 Cookie Squares in a row (looks kind of like a chocolate bar); and a bag of 15 individually-wrapped cookies. 

Why individually wrapped? Today, our Cookie Squares are baked in France, and currently, individual packaging is the only solution to ensure the cookies are delivered fresh and safe for consumption in the United States.

Are your products organic?

We use simple ingredients, not all of which are organic at this time

Are your products GMO-free?

According to European standards, our Cookie Squares are! We do not have the US certification for it for now, but for all intents and purposes, they are indeed GMO-free. GMOs, LOL!

Do your products contain nuts?

Our Chocolate and toasted hazelnuts Cookie Squares contain hazelnuts. 

All our other flavors of Cookie Squares are made in the same place - so they may contain traces of tree nuts. 

Our Croissant Chips are NOT made in the same place - and do not contain nuts. 

Do you have different products available in France?

Should we even tell you this? You might be mad. We have six categories of products: cookies (many) crackers (heaven), fresh desserts (mousse, rice pudding, yogurt, drinkable yogurt…sigh), vegan desserts (delish), pastry desserts (more decadent than you can imagine), and drinks (yum). Visit our French site to continue drooling

Can I come to your Open House?

Yes. Once we start doing them in real life, yes yes yes.  You are invited. So is your aunt and your BFF and your dog sitter. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter to find out about virtual events.

How do I show the world my love of butter?

You can purchase a butter hat, for starters. We made them for that very purpose!

Other questions? Want to send a cookie love note? Drop us a line!