Butter Merch

Butter Merch

In butter we trust. We have one guiding principle: Butter is better! Browse butter merchandise and cookie merch to show the world just how much you love butter — très bien!

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The Perfect Amount of Sweetness

As the Troublemakers of Taste, we don’t see anything wrong with treating yourself to a bit of everyday decadence. Our dangerously delicious premium shortbread Cookie Squares are perfectly proportioned for snacking. You can’t shop for cookie merch without trying some of our tasty treats.

In the mood for something adventurous? Experience our mind-blowing Croissant Chips. They told us it couldn’t be done, but we never gave up on our dream of combining the best American snack food with the most famous French pâtisserie item. Our crispy, oh-so-buttery Croissant Chips never fail to satisfy.

Delicious & Fashionable

Here at Michel et Augustin we don’t just make mouthwatering treats and super cool cookie merch. Mais non! That’s why in 2020 we proudly became a Certified B Corporation. We believe in making the world better and more delicious at the same time.

If you or someone you know loves butter as much as we do then you’re in exactly the right place. That’s why we not only sell the most delicious French-style treats but also offer butter merch to our community of butter fanatics.

You can wear our fun and fashionable butter merchandise with pride knowing that you’re part of a butter-loving community that cares about delicious treats and authentic flavors. Shop our e-Bakery today!