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Party Platter Ideas: Exploring the World of Cheese Biscuits for Your Next Party

It’s not a party without snacks! Party platters and charcuterie boards are everywhere and we completely understand why – they’re simple (no cooking required!), tasty and always a people pleaser. They’re also customizable, so you can add our Cheese Biscuits to the mix! Let’s explore the world of party platter ideas to create a snack that’s sure to impress your guests.

The Hallmark of a Great Party Platter

The one thing that almost every party platter has in common: simplicity. Rather than using the snacks and cookies with hard-to-pronounce ingredients, these platters focus on real ingredients and foods, like fruit, cheese and cheese crackers, and cured and cooked meats. As the Troublemakers of Taste, we’re led by the belief that real butter and ingredients are better!

Our Cheese Biscuits are made using premium ingredients like butter and cheese – and never any artificial ingredients, GMOs, flavors or dyes. The unique flavor profiles of both Parmesan with mustard seeds and Comté with black pepper make them a tasty complement to a variety of treats on a party platter.

Cheese Biscuit Party Platter Ideas

Classic Meat and Cheese Platter

If you’re looking for an easy biscuit idea that works for any get-together or party, try a meat and cheese board. You can’t go wrong with the classics. The only trick is figuring out platter pairings that work together – but we can help with that!

The sharp flavor of Parmesan cheese makes it an excellent choice for a party platter. We suggest using both the hard cheese itself and our cheese crackers to vary the taste and texture on your platter. Pair them with buttery Prosciutto (Italian dry-cured ham) to create a slightly sweet and salty experience.

From there, you can add any number of cheeses, meats, nuts and ingredients you want. Ideas for your party platter we think would impress include: marinated olives, pistachios and Manchego cheese.

Sweet and Savory Platter

party platter with assorted biscuits, grapes and tomatoes

Why choose between sweet and savory when you can have both? Satisfy sweet and savory cravings with fruit and Cheese Biscuits on your party platter. This biscuit platter idea is great for every season, party or snacking occasion. Bring on the flavor (and color!) with melon, grapes, berries, cured meats, nuts and cheese crackers. You can also make it vegetarian by leaving out the cured meat.

Don’t know which foods go with your Cheese Biscuits? The slightly nutty and fruity Comté crackers have a bite of black pepper that pairs wonderfully with apples, pears and almonds, while Parmesan with mustard seed crackers go well with apples, grapes and strawberries. If you want to indulge in a little extra sweet, another party platter idea is to try adding Cookie Squares to the mix!

Savory Veggie Platter

Start any party or movie night off right with a savory platter! This platter features our crispy Cheese Biscuits with colorful additions like raw bell peppers, carrots and cherry tomatoes. You could also add dips like hummus or soft cheeses to dip the vegetables.

The appeal of this biscuit idea? Parmesan and Comté crackers both work well with the vegetables and the subtle sweetness of tomatoes, so you can arrange both on your platter. It’s also a delicious (and sneaky!) way for guests of all ages to get their vegetables. Oui oui!

Cheese Platter

Highlight the flavor of our crackers and please any cheese-loving guest with a cheese platter! This party platter idea is going to include Parmesan crackers, Comté crackers and a variety of soft and hard cheeses. Cheesy tip: the slight smokiness of Gruyère and the buttery taste of Brie would be tasty complements to the sharpness of Parmesan and nutty, fruity flavor of Comté.

Once you’ve chosen the cheeses you’d like to include, you could finish your platter off with fruit jams, bread and even nuts. This will help balance the rich flavor of the cheese.

Party Platter Ideas for Any Occasion

Snacks don’t have to be ordinary or full of artificial ingredients. Make your party – and everyday snacking – even tastier with a crispy Cheese Biscuit platter. Treat yourself and your guests to one of our tried-and-true biscuit ideas or use them to craft your own creation!

Explore Michel & Augustin for more Cheese Biscuit and Cookie Square ideas today!