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The Art of Cookie Baking: Tips and Tricks from the Troublemakers of Taste

Known as The Troublemakers of Taste, we’re here to shake things up with our cookies – and maybe yours, too!  We believe that anyone can learn how to make the perfect cookies. There’s no need to be a baking professional or have fancy equipment and complicated ingredients, either. All you’ll need is plenty of butter, your favorite recipe and our trusted cookie baking tips. Now, let’s get baking!

Measure Ingredients Precisely

Especially flour. Baking is a science. Inaccurate measurements, though seemingly harmless, can throw off your entire recipe! Too much flour? Your cookie dough will be crumbly or your cookies could end up being dry. Too little flour? The dough may be overly sticky or your cookies could spread too much in the oven – even after chilling the dough.

Measuring Dry Ingredients: fill the measuring cup or spoons until full, then use a metal spatula, the flat side of a knife or even a spoon to level

Measuring Liquids: place liquid measuring cup on a level surface. Don’t lift the cup to check the amount – view at eye level

Special bonus cooking baking tip: spray liquid measuring cups with cooking spray before adding sticky ingredients like honey or molasses!

Use Room Temperature Ingredients

If you’re learning how to make perfect cookies, one of the most important cookie tips to follow is using room temperature ingredients when a recipe says so. This usually applies to eggs and our personal favorite: butter! Room temperature ingredients create a smooth, even dough and help incorporate more air into your dough, which helps cookies rise.

To bring your ingredients to room temperature, set them on your counter for around 30 to 60 minutes. Take it from two butter lovers – your butter should be soft, but not melted or greasy.

Don’t Overmix Cookie Dough

Another cooking baking tip we want you to remember is to not overmix your dough. We don’t want to end up with tough or overly sticky cookie dough from overworking the gluten in flour. The trick is to mix ingredients until just combined!

Follow the Recipe’s Steps

If it says to chill the dough, chill the dough. If it says to cream the butter and sugar together, cream the butter and sugar. These steps are there for a good reason! They help ensure that your tasty cookies bake to the right consistency – c’est vrai. For example, chilling dough firms it up, prevents certain cookies from spreading in the oven and helps enhance flavors. This is one cookie tip you don’t want to skip!

Give Your Cookies Space

Chocolate chip cookie dough balls on paper cookie baking tips

When your dough is ready to bake, it can be tempting to pile all the cookies on your baking sheet to get done faster. But our cookie baking tip to you is to give them space! Most recipes call for cookies to be placed around 1-2 inches apart on the baking sheet. This helps your cookies bake evenly, achieve the perfect golden brown color and prevent the dough from spreading together into one giant super cookie!

Pay Attention to Your Oven

You’ve learned how to make perfect cookie dough; you’re almost at the perfect cookie! But here’s where things may get a little tricky. Our cookie baking tip to you: throw baking times out the window! Quoi?! Oven temperatures can vary greatly from oven to oven, meaning they don’t all run at the same temperatures. Since your 350 degrees Fahrenheit could end up being another baker’s 325 degrees Fahrenheit, baking times will also vary.

While you should still use baking times as a general guideline, you should listen to your instincts, too. If the edges are set and lightly browned, it’s okay to take them out of the oven – even if there’s still time left on your timer.

Let Them Cool

Your final cooking baking tip from the Troublemakers of Taste is to let your cookies cool after removing them from the oven. They look delicious. They smell even better than they look. But let them cool. Cookies actually continue to bake and firm up on the hot baking sheet, even after you take them out of the oven!

Ready to bake up your own batch? Follow Michel & Augustin’s cooking baking tips and treat yourself to the perfect cookie! Or, if you want to skip the baking altogether, you can take a stroll around our e-Bakery and buy decadent shortbread cookies, today. Bon appetit!