Croissant Chips, Croissants cut up, butter with eyes

Croissant Chips

These exquisite chips are what you get when you cross the most popular American snack with the most quintessentially French food item.

C’est vrai! Croissant Chips Prove Butter Is Better

We love French pastry. But there is one serious problem. In French food culture, there are no chips to be found. Which is why, soon after we first planted our flag on American soil, we tasked our team of Troublemakers with solving the French chip conundrum. Et voilà! Croissant Chips were born.

These exquisite chips are what you get when you cross the most popular American snack with the most quintessential French pastry. Crispy, flaky rounds of croissant slightly sweetened and full of that delicious butter we love so much. Finally, croissants aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

You can find our Croissant Chips and other delicious French snacks online at our e-Bakery page. For those fellow butter lovers out there, be sure to browse our Butter-Loving Bundle page to get a special rate on a 3-pack of these délicieux snacks plus a selection of our popular Cookie Squares and the très chic Butter Baseball Cap.

Packed With Amour From Our Bakery to Your Cupboard

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Our baked goods are made with simple wholesome ingredients and contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives, and pure French butter is the star ingredient. Pourquoi? Because we believe butter is better and that you should be able to taste it!

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